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Recent advances about how glutathione is improving eye health.

Ophthalmologists are making incredible advances with regard to the properties of Glutathione for eye diseases. For example:


The loss of brightness and opacity that forms in the lens of the eye. This lens allows the focus of light on the retina. Deterioration is largely due to factors such as exposure to solar radiation and oxidative stress that damages the lens over time. And how do we fight oxidative stress? with antioxidants, of course, and especially glutathione. Beyond helping restore the lens that already has cataracts, Glutathione prevents the appearance of these.

Studies conducted at the University of Bari, Italy found that people with cataracts have a loss of Glutathione directly proportional to the damage of the lens of the eye due to the lens proteins suffer the oxidation that leads to what is described above. Another study conducted at Cornell University in New York showed a sample group that was given glutathione to raise levels in their organisms that in turn prevented and delayed cataracts.

Macular degeneration:

It is the rupture of the macula, the part of the retina that provides the finest and sharpest sight, that causes extreme damage and can lead a person to blindness. Studies show that this damage is closely related to the accumulation of free radicals, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and other oxidative factors such as tobacco. Let’s not forget that the older the person is the more chances they have for glutathione levels to fall, so they are more prone to oxidative stress – which reinforces our key message: the higher the levels of glutathione in the body, the fewer chances a person has to have eye-related disease.


Occurs when the pressure of the fluid inside the eye increases. This disease is one of the first causes of blindness, especially in the elderly, along with diabetes, severe myopia and hypertension. Ophthalmologists are realizing that not only therapies, surgeries and traditional medicines are the cure for these conditions but rather raising our natural glutathione levels can be a key way to reverse, delay, and in some cases even prevent glaucoma.

The takeaway

Adding glutathione to your daily routine is a great way to not only prevent eye-related diseases but also to support your immune system, protect your body from oxidative damage and live a longer and healthier life.




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