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Stop wasting money on beauty products. Healthy skin comes from within!

Women are known for trying to have youthful skin that lasts a lifetime. So much money is spent on skincare products and facials years after years, but is the problem the external or our internal health?

Let’s talk about one of the largest organs of the body, the skin. The skin consists of three layers, the epidermis (the outer-most layer), the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer being the inner-most layer. The epidermis is regenerated every 28 days, which means we have power over its appearance and health in a fairly short time.

Our skin is a great reflection of our internal health and how healthy our cellular system is. The health of the cells that make up our body is affected by all of our daily habits. The quality of sleep, diet, nutrients, stress, tobacco, alcohol, the medications we consume, exercise, etc. all have a huge impact on the health of our cells and in turn, our skin.

However, it all depends on how a person leads their life and their habits. You can surely find cases of people looking fantastic at 80 and others that are already looking wrinkly at 40.

People dedicate a lot of time and hundreds of dollars on their skincare products rather than taking a look at what’s on the inside –– what needs improvement. The cells are where 90% of the attention should go, not only for the skin but for general health.

What can we do to keep our cells AND our skin happy?

As we mentioned, healthy skin comes from within. There is no need to look for the solution outside of ourselves and our day to day habits.

  • Drink plenty of water and never allow the skin to become dehydrated.

  • Get your daily vitamins for the skin: A, C, E, K and those of group B.

  • Consume natural juices; make juices with vegetables and vegetables rich in water, instead of consuming soda

  • Take supplements that are packed with powerful antioxidants to clear out the skin

  • Avoid oxidative damage and the attack of free radicals which are what steal collagen and elastin (essential proteins for the beauty of the skin).

How can you avoid oxidative damage and free radicals?

The answer is Glutathione.

Glutathione is the antioxidant we’ve talked about in pretty much all of our articles. When you get in the habit of cellular cleansing or cellular detox with liquid glutathione, in a few days you begin to feel more energy, sleep better and in less than two weeks the skin begins to show effect. You can tell feel your skin clean and renewed but from the inside– from your cells.

Use as many creams as you want to enhance your skin… but what will make a real difference is taking care of your cells from within.

In our supplements page, you can see our recommendations of Glutathione based supplements in the market and start taking care of your cells from within today.

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