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This testimony from ALS Worldwide confirms that glutathione can strengthen a patient's extremities.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called "Lou Gehrig's disease", is a neurodegenerative and progressive disease that attacks the brain’s and spinal cord nerve cells, and progressively causes the death of these cells. At this stage, patients begin to lose mobility and can even become completely paralyzed.

The connection between motor neurons begins to damaged and eventually stop sending impulses to the fibers of the muscles, very often in the legs and arms, as well as in other motor functions. Limbs also become weaker and weaker due to the atrophy of the muscle tissue. A particular case of an ALS patient, taken from the ALS Worldwide institution, dedicated himself to offer assistance to people living with ALS. He tells us the following:

Patient:I was diagnosed with ALS in November of 2012. Someone that I trust and respect recommended me to start taking glutathione - and that’s what I did almost immediately after I found out. I must admit that I was willing to try almost anything that could slow this terrible disease. Since then, I’ve learned more about ALS and medications, treatments and therapies to help patients with this disease to have a better quality of life. Today, four years since my diagnosis, I know WHY they recommended me glutathione.

Glutathione is the main antioxidant in the body and is the most powerful of all for the brain and the entire nervous system. It fights oxidative stress, detoxifies the body, supports the immune system and aids in the function and repair of cells. Oxidative stress and cell destruction have been implicated for a long time in ALS, as well as deficiencies in immune system function and cellular energy production.

My best advice in this fight in which we are against ALS is that it is always positive and does not focus on the negative. Use common sense and take advantage of treatments that are based on sound science and can improve your quality of life. I think one of those treatments is glutathione. I know it has helped me."

Keith Johnson Louisiana, USA

ALS Worldwide: "Glutathione is an important but little-known molecule that prevents aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more. It is one of the best-known antioxidants that keep the immune system healthy and participates in the construction and repair of tissues. The human body produces its own glutathione. However, poor diet, pollution, toxins, stress, infections, and other environmental factors can deplete normal levels, leaving the body susceptible infections. Patients with chronic diseases have this deficiency, so it is recommended for those with ALS / MND. Glutathione can get rid of the body’s toxins and recycle antioxidants, completely detoxifying the system. It’s great to improve limb weakness and the symptoms of spasticity/stiffness. This, along with a healthy diet and proper exercise, can improve the quality of your days."


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