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Glutathione testimonials

All testimonials are gathered from medical articles, product reviews or directly sent to our inbox. 

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Glutathione Testimonials

Using glutathione to cope with Fibromyalgia.

My rheumatologist gave me several prescriptions for Fibromyalgia. I really did not want to be popping tons of pills and was looking for an holistic option. Thankfully a friend of mines, doctor referred her to this! It's a great inflammatory agent that helps me with the aches and pains of fibromyalgia, without the dependency on strong drugs or stomach eating ibprophen.

Michael Dazie

Using glutathione to help with Celiac's disease.

I was skeptical that this product would do anything, let alone live up to its hype. It was suggested that since I have celiacs disease, that I was more than likely glutathione depleted. Since I was deficient just about with every other vitamin and mineral, chances were good that I was in glutathione as well. I figured an oral spray was the way to go as I don't particularly absorb anything well through my stomach or intestines despite being gluten free for two years now. This was the only formula I found that didn't have anything that I was allergic too in it. As an added bonus, it doesn't taste bad either.

I've been plagued with illness after illness and constant bouts of sinus infections/bronchitis. I've also been in constant pain from an old injury that I aggravated last year (migraines, muscle spasms, joint pain, hip pain, back/neck pain, poor sleep). This last year has been especially bad. The day I received this, I was sick (achy, feverish, fatigue). After just two of the advanced doses, I was already feeling MUCH better. Within hours most of my body aches had improved. I SLEPT all the way through the night.

Day two. I didn't need to take a nap. I tried, but only dosed lightly for about 20 minutes and got up before my alarm went off. Today I feel just fine.


Using glutathione to aid chronic sinusitis.

I have chronic sinusitis and glutathione is the only natural product that gives me relief. I was using a more expensive brand that performed very well and decided to use this one to save money. It is equally excellent at half the price. This product reduces my constant need for antihistamines and has a beneficial effect on my immune system in addition to sinus relief. I only take two in the morning on an empty stomach. I recommend this product without hesitation and plan to purchase again.

Marion Crutchfield

Using glutathione to help with COPD.

Glutathione is called the Master of all Antioxidants. I became interested in Glutathione after reading that it helps with Chronic Bronchitis (COPD) by removing the glue like properties of mucus making it easier to cough it out of your lungs. I got a prescription from a Wellness Clinic in Colorado but it was over $100 for the liquid glutathione. I found pills, which also work just not as good. And after just 2 days I am already experiencing a significant difference in my breathing and congestion relief. As someone who genuinely feels let down by the best and the brightest in lung care I had to seek out my own cure and taking turmeric (homeopathic prednisone) and glutathione has been the winning combination. Usually, I have to use my Combivent inhaler 3-4 times a day when my allergies are bad and they are bad right now but didn't use it at all yesterday.

Loredana C.

Using glutathione to deal with mercury and lead poisoning. 

I've been dealing with mercury and lead poisoning for many years without even knowing it. The heavy metals high toxicity lowered my immunity system and wrecked my nervous system and my intestinal flora. The worst thing was that I was a vegan when dealing with all these, depriving my body of the healthy fats and protein it needed. Once I finally got rid of all the metals my body was was weak and I had to build up my health from scratch. I did a lot of research and realized that there is a lot of misinformation out there. There is a lot of scary stuff about Glutathione that made me skeptical trying. I do have a very healthy diet now, high healthy fats and protein, low carbs, nothing processed and I also try to eat as organic as I can get. I tried to raise the levels of glutathione in my body naturally by eating good quality eggs, cruciferous vegetables, bone broth, beef gelatin, lots of sprouted nuts. My body started to get stronger and I felt more energetic gradually. Till I started supplementing my diet with liposomal glutathione 2 weeks ago. Now my body is on a whole different level. I'm taking it first thing in the morning and it just makes me feel happy. Energetic, confident, and focused is one but this pill actually makes me feel happy.


Using glutathione to help malaise and brain fog.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from malaise and brain fog. I use this Liposomal Glutathione to give me energy and clear my head. This helps in my detoxing protocol and is a part of my daily regime. This Glutathione is made of premium ingredients and I feel the difference compared to others I have taken.

Teresa Everett

Using glutathione

to heal Sjogren's 


Smells like horror, tastes like it needs some salt or sugar or SOMETHING...but works like HEAVEN! I have been taking it in HOPES of feeling better as I have Sjögren's Syndrome, and in just 2 WEEKS, my parotid gland has shrunk to NEAR normal size!!! I still have dry mouth and eyes, and it has only been 2 weeks...haven't had a flare up yet, but how it helps when I flare is yet to be seen. Just having a normal sized face again is WELL worth it!

Laura B.

Using glutathione to help with ASD.

Not long after our son was diagnosed as having ASD and ADHD, we began, with the help of a physician, treating the numerous underlying medical issues that tend to accompany these diagnoses. It is my understanding that one of the hallmarks of an autistic child’s physiology is the reduced ability to detoxify properly the toxins with which one comes in contact through the course of everyday life. This can have several negative effects on the body, as one can imagine. Another typical issue is oxidative stress. Our son struggles on both fronts, as his metabolic pathway of transulfuration is impaired. One of the ways we have been addressing the issue is to give him Liposomal Glutathione every morning. While this is only one facet of our daily regimen, since beginning 5 months ago, our son has been less fatigued and has been in much better health, with fewer sick days. This is a tool we plan to keep using as we watch him get healthier and healthier!

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